Swarovski crystals inside our hand woven viking knit bracelet. Can choose your colored wire and colors of swarovski crystals. $50

All bracelets can be custom designed. We weave all bracelets with a Viking Knit weave.. Some have a decorative coil in the center, some have swarovski crystals inside and others are a heavier thicker weave and even some with dragon end caps. Price range is $40-$60. 

​You can order specific colored wire ranging from silver, gold copper, titanium rose gold, hematite and steel blue, There are a large range of colors of crystals. To order, tell me which picture and then you can choose a different color combination. Most bracelets have strong magnetic claps. 

Styles of Bracelets

​Pick your style color and size and we will custom make it for you.


​Viking Knit woven bracelets. 6MM thick.. Choose from several colors. Silver, gold, rose gold , copper, titanium, hematite, steel blue. All have magnetic clasps $40

Thick Dragon Bracelets. 9MM thick. Choose any of the same colors as above. Comes with Dragon Head or Snake Head clasps $60

Perfect Duo

Perfect Duo